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Hire a great research engineer

FELD’s network of experienced data scientists and engineers can help you to improve your data practice and can plan and implement your data science projects. If you want to build better foundations for your current projects or want to tackle custom problems with cutting edge methods, hire us. We will deploy effective and ethical solutions that work for you.

Research Engineering

We can make custom machine learning and data science solutions work for your business. Early in the project we can assess the viability of your plans and help to steer you into the right direction. We can then implement and iterate on the problem with structured experiments. Hire us to implement recommender systems, to test and improve your search system performance, or to build bespoke ML solutions. Learn more about how we work, in data science

Data Foundations

Your data science, machine learning and analytics efforts all rely on the ability to produce and consume timely, accurate datasets in a consistent self service way. Make this vision real on AWS, GCP or Azure together with our architects. Learn more in data foundations

Coordinate System

Get your data to do more

1. Assess

Get a fresh look at your data organisation and your problem. Our architects will review where you’re at, and then help you to plan an effective strategy for your project.

2. Prototype

Get first results immediately. FELD will produce actionable insights in the form of notebooks, working prototypes and presentations of key results.

3. Release

Running data products requires careful monitoring of metrics, effective use of A/B testing and continual validation of the system.