Logoa data science company.

Data Science and Research Engineering

Need a recommender or a better search system? Hire us to get your products flying. We work with you to understand your product goals and to define effective metrics. We will choose the best suited ML stack to meet your requirements in a performant, maintanable and ethical way. We know the research – but we also know how to work together with your development, UX and product teams in an agile manner. Together, we can build data products that really work for your business.

Deep Learning

We have years of experience in getting deep learning systems deployed into production. Whether your stack is tensorflow or pytorch, GCP or AWS, we will select the simplest models that can solve your problem well. We’ll iterate on new or existing models in a principled and reproducible way, and keep you in the loop all the way through the process.

Recommender Systems

We have designed and bulit some of the biggest recommendation engines on the internet. Let us help you to understand if you can improve your sales or product with a better recommendation engine. We will analyse your product, provide you with a roadmap, and follow through with an implementation that might just provide a surprising uplift to your key metrics.

Unstructured Data

Are you processing emails or would you like to deploy a chatbot? We have extensive experience with natural language. Do you have valuable data locked away in speech or audio? We can apply speech or music information retrieval techniquies. Do you need extract structured information from pdfs, or metadata from video? We have you covered.


Getting the most out of your search system is difficult. Many users navigate your product via search, while expecting google level quality from your results. Let us help you with your entire search pipeline. We will look at retrieval, ranking and query understanding, measure your search performance and design and implement methods to really improve the search experience for your users.