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Success Stories

FELD can help your company to successfully implement your data science projects. A special focus is on robust custom machine learning systems that provide business value in practice, not just in theory. You can also benefit from investing into your data foundations: you will enable more successful data science projects in the future.

Börse Stuttgart Digital Exchange

Börse Stuttgart Digital Exchange is a group company of the second largest stock exchange in Germany, Börse Stuttgart. BSDEX is Germany's first regulated market for digital assets like Bitcoin. FELD was commissioned to design and build the data platform for this company founded in 2019.

The Börse Stuttgart Digital Exchange commissioned FELD to design and build a data platform for their new digital assets trading platform. BSDEX wanted a system which would fulfill regulatory requirements on the data, and would impose a structure on the growth of the data landscape at the company.

Through a series of interviews and workshops, FELD assessed the current situation and developed a shared vision and mission for the new platform. FELD developed an architecture and roadmap for the system, and then completed the implementation of a prototypal system, together with stakeholders at the BSDEX. After proving the system as a backbone for reporting, it was rolled out for general usage on AWS.

The resulting system has helped BSDEX to grow their business intelligence operations, and with the full data stack of AWS at their disposal, reporting in Quicksight enabled a full range of top level business metrics to be distributed to the whole company on a daily basis, all on the basis of the new data platform. Reporting is also served by the data platform, and BSDEX now has a solid foundation for their future data needs.

Our Contributions

  • amazon glue
  • athena
  • aws
  • business intelligence
  • dashboards
  • data architecture
  • data catalog
  • data governance
  • data mesh
  • data platform
  • gdpr
  • metrics
  • quicksight
  • parquet
  • privacy
  • reporting
  • s3

How we worked

FELD interfaced directly with the managing directors and CTO, the leadership team and tech leads and architects of all teams at BSDEX, as well as key stakeholders at Börse Stuttgart. Through workshops, internal advocacy, design meetings and one on one pairing sessions, the architecture was elaborated and implemented together with technical teams at BSDEX.


Börse Stuttgart Digital Exchange is Germany's first regulated market for digital assets like Bitcoin, and is a group company of Börse Stuttgart, the second largest stock exchange in Germany.