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About FELD

FELD was started by Rany after 7 years of creating successful machine learning systems for hundreds of millions of users at SoundCloud. FELD can now share this experience with you – hire us and get a decade of industry experience working for you. We have launched machine learning labs in banks, and have architected and implemented high impact data platforms for banking clients and implemented music machine learning systems.

Rany Keddo

Founder and director

Rany is the founder and managing director of FELD. As a principal consultant he works with technology companies to establish or develop effective data science practices. He has launched products, teams and platforms for his clients.

Rany applies software engineering, machine learning and data science disciplines to business problems. As an architect, he brings a decade of experience with machine learning ops and data platform design to his client work. As a research engineer, he designs and builds custom recommender systems, search systems and music information retrieval systems that have a demonstrated impact on company kpis.

Rany designed and built the music recommender system used by SoundCloud, driving the listen behaviour of hundreds of millions of users around the world. He built and operated Suggested TracksThe Upload,  and related tracks, which had an impact on popular culture, even launching artist careers. He has worked with financial institutions like Deutsche Kreditbank and Börse Stuttgart, as well as various clients in the music space.

Before this, Rany worked for startups in media, as well as financial institutions like American Express Sharepeople and the SEB Bank.

His open source projects have been used by companies like GitHub and Kickstarter.